All couples face problems in their relationship, but not all problems lead to breaking up.

No one enters into a relationship expecting it to end badly, but sadly, that is what often happens. Sometimes it’s because when you first meet someone, you might choose to overlook some of the differences between you. Sometimes, people just change, or they stop hiding their true self after a while and the love just isn’t enough to paper over the cracks in the relationship anymore. If you have ever wondered why so many relationships don’t work out, then read here the top 5 most common reasons that people break up.

1. Infidelity

People often assume cheating is one of the primary reasons why relationships fail. Contrary to popular belief, there is only little chance of infedelity in any given year of a modern relationship (statistics based on heterosexual couples), and that number rises to 25% over the life of a relationship.

While it may not be the main cause for a relationship ending, cheating is still poisonous. Once another person enters the relationships, it is typically difficult to regain trust and stability in order to move forward.

2. Low Self-Esteem

In love relationships, self-esteem is necessary for both partners to feel valued and secure. When one partner has low self-esteem, he or she may not feel confident or secure in the relationship. Individuals with low self-esteem do not see their own worth and may stay longer in an unhealthy relationship than those with a higher sense of self-worth.

3. Conflicting Goals

This can cover a whole range of different things, but when two people’s goals and ambitions in life don’t coincide, then that can lead to irreconcilable friction in a relationship. This could be that he has no ambitions to further his career, but she is a career minded woman, or, of course, that one person wants to have children and the other does not. There are some things that just can’t be compromised on and that will, and should, lead to a breakup, or one person will be very unhappy.

4. Finances

Money also regularly appears near the top of the most surveys on this subject. Money, though, is often a symptom of other underlying issues, such as lack of trust or lack of communication. The main money reasons given for breakups are, one partner controlling all the spending or a partner wasting money. The only way to avoid money becoming an issue within a relationship is to talk about it, agree what you will spend money on and be honest when money issues arise.

5. Poor Communication

Communication has been touted as the single most effective attribute of a successful relationship. Both partners need to be able to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, values, needs, frustrations, and joys. Sometimes couples avoid speaking honestly and hide their true selves, which may not always lead to a break up…but it doesn’t strengthen their bond!