A woman is a part of man’s life with which a man’s life is incomplete. She is the one who manages makes a house into home. She know how to balance work and life. She can be your mother, friend, sister , girlfriend or wife.

Here, are the few reason why a man need a girl in his life

A friend by side

A woman is a missing part of man’s life which when found completes him. A man needs a woman who is there for him and cares for him. If you find a woman like that never let her go

Organized life

This is known to everyone, a bachelor never has things in order, breakfast is done I sleep, lunch skips to evening snacks and dinner, May be at midnight. Things need to be done at proper time and proper manner. A woman keeps the things organized and you don’t have to turn things upside down in order to search of car keys.

Support System

Everyone needs someone by their side with whom they can share and trust. She is the one you can trust. And also she is the one who will motivate you when you see all things falling apart.


She will always be a ray of hope in your life. Whenever you feel like you can’t decide anymore, take her help, she will help you take proper decisions which are not only gonna benefit you but your future.

Feels good.

When you are with her, everything looks perfect, even the biggest problem fades away with her.

Pillar of family

Yes, she is the backbone of your family as she is the one who is going to manage you, your kids as well as your family well.

Satisfies Man’s physical needs.

No deny, only a woman can fulfill a man’s physical need, his urge for sex which is natural.

Like girlfriend like mother

At the end of day, when you are tired with your daily schedule, she will be there for you to make you relax and lend her ears patiently of you have something to talk about.

Financial Supporter

A working woman supports her man and family financially too.