Do you want your crush to be crazy over you? Well, to be honest, who doesn’t? We all want our men to be completely obsessed with us, in a non-creepy way of course. But more often than not men are not very likely to show their feelings. They’re much more comfortable keeping everything to themselves. And even though we expect them to make the first move, we rarely have the patience to wait for them to finally get their poop together and make the damn move. So here’s a couple of ways you can make him crazy over you and speed up the process.


1. Love Your Body

You have to love yourself first. Whatever body you have, whatever shape you’re in, you gotta accept yourself and love yourself the way you are first. Sure, no one is stopping you from working on it, going to the gym and cleaning up your diet – that’s all good, but the key is to love yourself no matter what. Guys don’t actually care if you have six pack abs or if your thighs touch when you walk or not. They don’t pay attention to such details. They just care about the whole package, and if you love yourself and are comfortable in your own skin it immediately translates to “damn, she’s hot” in a guy’s head.


2. Confidence Is Key

The whole damsel in distress shindig doesn’t work anymore. Sure, there might still be a couple of knights in shining armor that will be attracted by a shy girl who seems to be in need of saving and caring. But confidence is in these days. Being confident, knowing your self worth and what you like is sexy. There’s nothing hotter to a guy than a girl who’s not scared to make the first move. So if you fancy someone, don’t stop yourself from sending some “come hither” looks their way.

3. Attitude Isn’t Always Bad

Your mom might’ve taught you that having an attitude is not a great thing, but a lot of guys will disagree. They find it exciting when their girl has an attitude and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Think about it, Rihanna is known for being a “bad girl” and yet there’s millions of men around the world who would give anything for a date with her. Make your attitude work to your advantage.

4. Have Tricks Up Your Sleeve

Men are fickle creatures and it’s easy for them to get distracted and lose interest. It’s unfair, but it is what it is. Sometimes you gotta play dirty to get the guy you want. So make sure you have some tricks to get his attention. Weather it’s getting him interested but keeping him at a distance for a while or just changing up your style to surprise him – make sure it’s something that will keep his eyes glued to you.