Kissing is an emotional expression especially when you are in love. It also  releases a host of feel-good chemicals, you reflect your feelings when you kiss your partner and it makes her really happy. But do you want to know what will make her feel more special other than lip locking.

Read about some easy but effective gestures of yours that can make her feel special and of course ecstatic, you kiss her on her lips every time but what if you start kissing her on parts other than lips. It will work wonders for you and your sensual relationship. You may be overlooking some other body parts that you can kiss and make her feel turned on.


  1. Nape of the neck

Gently nibbling on the neck is another effective technique you can use and it definitely sends shivers down her spine. Women actually feels stimulated when kissed on the nape of the neck. You can hold her hair tightly and touch her neck with your fingers and lips.

2. Back of the neck

Gently rubbing her back or even massaging is also an effective way of turning her on. You can then kiss her on her back and this way you can change or improve ways of making love to her.


3. Forehead

Kissing on forehead is best for any girl and it shows that how much you are emotionally involved with her. You can kiss her on her forehead quite often to make her feel special and this way she will definitely take initiative to bang on you!!

4. Ears

You can stimulate her by kissing her on her ears which gives a tingly pleasure to her  You can slowly turn towards her and while approaching for her cheeks and lips you can softly bite her ears and she is definitely going to love it.