To be in love with someone is exciting, but also most suspicious, because it is not necessary that he is also feeling the same and you’re looking for signs while also attempting to sues out red flags. so here we going to give you some relaxing knowledge that he wants you for keeps.


1.He will always listen you, he tells you what you don’t want to hear but what you need to hear. he really cares you and has good interaction with you!!


2.he will never judge you on the basis of your body and beauty. whether you had stretch marks or cellulite.. he finds you beautiful..whatever you are!! he’s the real man.


3.If he truly loves you, he will go spa, saloon, and shopping with you without shame that guy friends will see. now that’s true love, he will do anything for you whatever you love to do.


4.Most of the time male partners want to escape from you instead of spend time with you. he will go shopping you and definitely he will participate in the retail therapy.


5.He admits that he’s scared of something to you.. admitting that far is big for you guys, whether it’s about something emotional or physical.


6.He will never notice your hot and sexy friends around you. you are the only one for him, it’s like the dude has horse blinders you never feel jealous.


7.If a guy takes you to meet you with his family than it’s commendable because no other guy will do so it means he’s opening up the most intimate parts of his life with you and wants you with them.


8.He will never ever plan his parties and weekends without your permission. he will keep you in the loop with his plans.