Do you have someone in life you look for you only when they are in trouble or they need something from you, or often make you feel low about yourself?

I would rather suggest to distance from those people as they are no where taking you up in your life.

1. One who makes you feel you are hard to love.

Stay away from people who show or make you feel like they have to put in many efforts to love you and its quite hard for them to be around you. Its time! let them be a part of your past and look out for someone who makes you feel loved and feels pride in doing so.

2. One who makes you feel like you are an extra to him.

No, you are not a burden to anyone and no one is forced to be with you. Stay away from those who make you feel like that. Let them lighten up their burden and you, enjoy your self-esteemed life.

3.  One who makes you feel sorry

You don’t need to be sorry for anything you did that you feel is okay but they don’t like. If Apologizing instead of not being wrong is a part of you routine then you must break it. you don’t have to change yourself or your habits that you feel are okay.

4.  One who accuses of being childish

Stay away from those who restrict you to show emotions. Someone who tells you what to do an what not to. Everyone has a child inside them and you show it to them someone who is close to you and there is no wrong in doing that.That is their way of showing themselves superior and it has nothing to do with you. What you need to do is to stay away from such people.

5. Someone who makes you feel unattractive

You are Beautiful and you don’t need anyone’s acknowledgement for that. If there is someone who keep you reminding that you don’t look  good or compares you with other. Distance yourself from them. Remember, not everyone has that inner eye to see beauty in others

6. One who shows as if he Owns you

No, you are not a property to be owned by someone. Nobody owns you except for yourself. You are a free bird and have your choice of living. Stay away from those who don’t let you take decisions and make you feel inferior.