Thinking of that situation’s complexity when you have to choose between your best friend and your love.So hard to decide, Its like asking a person to choose between heart and mind. But, you need both to lead a balanced and peaceful life. Hope, such situation never comes.

But, Unfortunately, if it ever comes. It would always be your BFF. And the reason is a big list. First, you BFF is there for you Always and Forever whereas your love may not be with you in future if things didn’t worked out.

Having a BFF is like a blessing, one who knows you inside out and always saved you when in trouble, gave you shoulder when you need to cry. You both owe each other.

Here are few reasons why a BFF holds much more value than her love in a woman’s life.

1. He is there Always and Forever

Boyfriends may come and go, but he stays with her by her side and she trusts him.

2. She knows he literally likes her

Their bond is pure, with no benefits. He likes her and she adores him too.

3. She knows She holds value in his life.

Yes, that feeling of getting priority over others is the best. She knows he will be there and no where in future he is going to tell her that we are no more friends because I found someone cooler and sexier than you.

4. Because ‘He listens’ , She Adores.

He always hears and understands everything she needs to talk about or discuss,,And she knows that he s the one she can talk about anything and everything.