1. He is open to you, just you!

There is a stereotype that men do not like to show women how they feel because it makes them less masculine. But knowing when to show his feelings to a woman is a sign that he is being serious in the relationship. If your partner can laugh and cry in front of you, then you have found a keeper

2. He pays attention to what you say.

Even if there are many women in the world, he will not make a move on them. He might be friends with some of them, but his eyes will always only be for you. You do not have to worry because he is loyal. You are his world, and you should feel special.

3. Knows How and When to surprise you!

If your boyfriend spices things up, then he might just be your future husband. Guys like him will meticulously plan a surprise. They don’t do this because they want to brag to their friends about what they did. A boyfriend should surprise his lover because it makes him happy too.

4. Romance is never gone

If you are already with your boyfriend for several years, it should not mean that things should be boring. In fact, this is the perfect time for him to be romantic to you. The both of you now deeply understand each other, and you are on your way to a happy and married life.

5. Together you watch each other’s favorite movies or series.

Some men do not really want to watch chick flicks, but they are willing to see it for the sake of their partner. In fact, you might just be the one who will show them that these movies are also really nice. Likewise, it does not matter what you like. It can be romance, comedy, action or suspense. A great boyfriend will always watch them with you.